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Welcome to Lijiang!
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The amusement in Lijiang

The Lijiang's amusements are in brief in speaking, although have the infiltration of the modern chemical element; also not lose its heavy race special features.
Main amusement form also is to drink the tea bubble, amuse the relax by taking stroll, can remove the travel exhausted, in the ancient city everywhere street and area of Hsin-cheng, all is a teahouse, bar everywhere, has a lot of bars of western style in the street at the new righteousness especially, the dazzling English placard all hints the visitor indoor is to be filled with the foreign country sentimental appeal of, enter among them, order up one glass wine water, browse various magazine carelessly, will toss recent on the travel of exhausted far away; The karaoke is also the key item that it amuse, mostly concentrated area in Hsin-cheng, consume the level also more reasonable, the ability is accept by visitors. The center region of the ancient city - everywhere once the street take to also have many tea rooms of different style, the host of these teas room have a lot of is all a foreign person, after many years ago run about Lijiang, can't release the bosom any further, cut off not under the sun of the here Noan-noan, pure the air that work properly, but end abandoned the city superficial and build to make, construct an one mind to belong to the ground in the ancient city a corner. In thus small tea room, the visitor can enjoy use of the tea and drinks, beverage, small food, music, magazine...etc., have in tea room and can also get to the Internet.