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Welcome to Lijiang!
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The Festival celebration of Lijiang

>>The Dongba Meeting
Annually lunar calendar March 5, the Naxi clan gathers the east of reside the ground to swarm about the central east holy land- river the jade water, hold the annual meeting here, the condition is grand. This day, the east arrives at the jade water east Luo's temple early. Spark the censer, burn the big joss-stick, the fiesta worships to work properly and ancestry, the fiesta does obeisance the east first ancestor east Luo, and constellate through, way of doing matter. The east will is also everyplace east "ratio ", display each from artistic talent, technical skill of opportunity. The east of everyplace scintillates the east according to own style one after another through, do the east dance. Thereafter, communicate mutually experience, learn by exchanging views to study. They all have a passion for own race, the passion race culture. The race coagulate the dint, the race sense of responsibility to make them walk to together, in order to spread to accept the ancient Naxi to turn, and promote but joint effort.

>>Bangbang Meeting
Annually the lunar calendar January 15, is the river's" good stick meeting" of the west clan. Then, river the city wife flows such as the tide, putting on the street full the bamboo, the wood farm implements and fruit tree, flower etc. that trade. The good stick will symbolize the beginning that is over and the spring of the activity of the Chinese New Year produce. Should be turn into by" old meeting" since then, originally in the temple fair that the monastery hold, changed the soil to rushed through the meeting location to move to the ancient city of river of after return flow in the early Qing Dynasty inside, and developed to become the bamboo wood farm implements commodity fair that prepared the spring gradually, the recent years increased the fruit tree seedling, the flower arrangement to trade the contents again, rushing through the meeting location also from the ancient city inside move to the area of Xin-cheng.

>>Sanduo Stanza
Sanduo is the spirit of the jade dragon snow mountain, is legendary and can advertise for to fight well, the traps the hero of support, past drive the west clan thousand a hundred years the receive for protect the absolute being. Jot down according to the east ancient works, three belong to the sheep, so at past, annually lunar calendar the beginning of February eight and August sheep day, the west clans of everyplace all want that the solemn and impressive fiesta of the white sand" the jade dragon ancestral temple"(namely north store) of river does obeisance three absolute being, having still at one self's in home to hold" fiesta three" rites. In addition to fiesta in addition to doing obeisance the activity, still need to carry on various text activity. Because the beginning of February eight just when" ten thousand mountain teas bloom, bright spring days, again gradually become the west the people have an outing to swim the day of Chinese New Year. Annually this whole county have a holiday an combine to be arranged various festival activity in a specific way by the county government, if hold various exhibition crowd to swim the park to enjoy flower, convene relevant academic colloquium etc. Then visitors, such as tide, the full city, day and night song, noisy uncommon. Now three stanzas of west, became the most solemn and impressive and large and folk cultural grand occasion in river already.

>>March Meeting
March of Lijiang would in every year lunar calendar hold in March, session general seven days. Beg rain day for the fiesta dragon at first, go to pure Qianlong's decade, the north black dragon pond of river's city fixed to set up the jade spring dragon absolute being ancestral temple, starting to hold three days to March here for five days" the dragon king's temple fair". After the 1911 revolution, river's business of advises the labor union to borrow the dragon king's machine, carry on the general merchandise exchanges, and open up between the forest lawn of the jade spring northern side with suddenly horse for the domestic animals of the lord, trade the market. The far near businessman leads long continuously to drive a horse suddenly since then, the jade spring becomes gradually suddenly city center, will start but turn in March suddenly the horse supplies communicate meeting, has been continue up to now. In March the session, in addition to the exchanges mountain goods medicine material, soil special product article, day using the general merchandise and suddenly the horse animal, still organize the athletics game, folk song to sow to sing, the thou enjoys to give musical performance etc. Huge crowd inside city, be filled with happiness atmosphere of the festival.

>>July Meeting
The meeting of July of Lijiang, in the lunar calendar the middle ten days of month holds in July, is the west person of and then one important festival. Session about ten days. Because with suddenly big animal bargain of horse, cow...etc. is lord, and then call" in July suddenly horse meeting". The horse type of figure is well-balanced, the eye is small to have the absolute being, the neck is short and thick, it is emollient, muscularity, four strong and healthy, the hoof quality is strong and tough, is diligent, raise to tread agile, be good at climbing over hills and mountains etc. the advantage, ride, pull all proper, not only in the region was use by the extensive service, but also have the large quantity horse to lose go toward everyplace annually. After relieve, along with the prosperity of the race economy and development, ancient July would be more prosperous, become trade suddenly horse, communicate supplies, and spread culture of new grand occasion. Extend increasingly along with the scale; the address of association also moves the vaster county city southeast popular actor exchanges assembly hall. The period of the festival, the west the person leads long the domestic animals, taking vice- soil special product and various Chinese herbal medicine materials of agricultures, arriving at to grind the town to rush through the meeting greatly. Chinese, Bai, Yi of close by everyplace, hide, protect the clan brothers and sisters, such as the Pumi...etc., also the body wears the race in beautiful attire to attend meeting. Tibet, Szechwan, the businessman of etc. of the expensive state, west, the river south, the river north, Anhui ground, also the far way rushes through to attend the grand occasion. The people rush through the meeting in the daytime, strolling the meeting, seeing the exhibition, seeing the performance, from street to the assembly hall three persons of the kilometer roads flow from without a break. The sunset evening, on the light beginning, everywhere street, new avenue and square up, person's voice is boiling. Have of play the flute, have of play, have of to sing" the valley spirit adjust", have of round the turn to spring up Alili and Omoda. Today the meeting of July of the west, was worthy of the name the ground to become the side exchanges meeting of the exposition, the race comity of the new already, display the special features that it has one space only more and more.

>>Zhuanshan Stanza
Annually July 25th of lunar calendar is the Zhuanshan Stanza of the persons of Moushuo in Lugu Lakes, and then called Zhuanshan Meeting, the persons of Moushuo call Chaoshan Stanza. It is rumored the ancestry of the persons of Moushuo would be to bear on this day. In the period of the festival, the persons all put on the most gorgeous race clothing, carry on the fiesta to do obeisance the fairy, song, dance and shoot arrow, become friends etc.