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Welcome to Lijiang!
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Lijiang Cuisine

The products of Lijiang are abundant and diverse; the food is most famous with the vegetarian dish that the region produces, paying attention to the eating clearness, and many are delicacy in type. The meat here takes roasting and braising as the lord much, there are the roasting whole sheep, the roasting fish etc. The original ecosystem culture of the long history of Lijiang left many famous taste a light repasts for the region. Although there are big departments of vegetables, the taste a light repast's reputation sows far, such as Jidouliangfen, Lijiangbaba, Qingdoumenfan, Rumixuechang, Yansuanyu, Toutuorou of Yi Clan, Shuyoucha etc., which are good enough to let visitors satisfied joy of eating. The Sifang Street in the center of Gucheng is one light repast street of well-known, two sides of the short and very narrow street arranged several caf'es, basically each restaurant has the special rice line in Yunnan, the categories contain casserole rice line and boiling rice line, so this street has the name of the rice line street in Lijiang again. If the visitors are in the mountain, meeting to the local people of Yi Clan to sell Jizong by a happy chance, the price is cheapness, it is about 15 Yuan / Bag, suggest you buy some, it can be in near hotels, let boss fry one dish of Jizongroupian for you, it is very delicious. This kind of Jizong is the delicacy of the fungi, purchase in the downtown of Kunming, you have to spend more than 100 Yuan.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Maoniu Chafing Dish
Arriving at Lijiang usually let the persons neglect its delicacies- because there are too many beautiful types of scenery. In fact only Maoniu Chafing Dish is good enough to let you be in love with Lijiang thoroughly. Maoniu live in the plateau with free from pollution, live on grass, the meat quality is delicate, it is favourite of Tibetan family. In addition to Maoniu Chafing Dish, Chinese have no one method to taste the delicate of Maoniu now.

It is the special kind of taste food of Lijiang, with pig blood, rice and various spices, according to certainly go together with the ratio to mix in a cake of, the pig bowel son that infused to go in to process but the rice bowel that make into. The edible hour cuts into a film, or fry in oil to fry with the heat, or use to steam the pot to steam the heat. The rice infuses the ancient oil of the bowel color and luster bright, the flavor is heavy, the nourishment value is high, is to increase the blood, repair the good product of the spirit.

This is a famous dish that the people of Yi Clan entertain guests, all of all parts of the fatty sheep cut into the piece after will slaughter, put in a pot to boil, boiling in addition to putting the salt, no longer permissive condiment, be edible of time put the wild pepper, hot pepper powder, mint etc. again.

The Jidou is a kind of bean, produced in the high elevation region, and the yield is very low. The Liangfen which is made of the bean has two kinds of cold and hot, hot hour for form, plus the region of an of the water, the flavor is very good, it is a kind of very popular light repast.

>>Chipa of Lijiang
It is the local taste staple food, it is thin such as the paper, the layers are many, so called" thousand layer a round flat cakes" again, placed 2 or 3 months and it will not change in character. The time of eat goes together with the ham, wild pepper, chopped onion, lard...etc., there are two tastes. Orthodox Chipa of Lijiang store goes while close the doorway about 50 meters, everywhere the street neighborhood of mostly from wholesale another place since then of, the price is slightly high and the flavor also lacks some.

>>Tuotuorou of Yi Clan
It is similar to the Shouzhua Mutton of Xinjiang, on the manufacture, it generally is to use the flexible and big pig, cow, sheep, after slaughtering immediately, the big piece chopped, the small, such as boxing, the big, such as bowl, don't put the salt, the is after going in to boil to 60% in the clear water familiarly then put in the lightly up one layer salt sweat, while eat with a kind of stem sour pickled cabbage soup( have the function of the gram oil) that the small cool mountain native method preserve ~ in salt, grasp the meat in hand up, chew while chew, because of this kind of meat way of doing special, is not very fatty again, eat to chew more fragrant, eat more the appetite open, so, the meat has become the together very famous taste vegetables of small cool mountain now.

>>Pickle Sour Fish
It is the traditional good dinner that the people of Ninghenmoshuopumi entertain guests. The people catch the fresh fish of a size of half in the Lugu Lake, then saving to keep in the wood basin, after bringing back the house, put the fish stomach split open, take out the internal organs, wash the blood stain clearly, even fish of exhibition, then put the fish stomach with a downward exposure the layering go into into in the pottery bottle, put one layer fish to face up a the layer, the table salt wild pepper five cosmetics etc. condiment, seal after fill up like in the cool place first, half month after then edible use.

It is a widespread and favorite food of Naxi Clan, the Naxi language call it Mapu. Its way of doing is to infuse steam the half-baked and big rice or glutinous rice to take advantage o the heat to mix up the pure and various spice of fresh pig blood or eggs, tightly and tightly into the pig large intestine that clean inside seal the good to steam familiarly become namely. Because of the method of the creation different, is a black to repair with the blood, is pure with the egg is a white to repair. The edible hour needs to cut into a film, or use to fry in oil to fry, or steam with the hot, the color and luster oil is bright, the exotic fragrance come into nostrils, very popular.