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Lijiang History

The region of Lijiang is in the ground of side, but it has the long history and ancient civilizations. As early as 100,000 years ago, there were already the ancestries of the Chinese nation to multiply in the region of Lijiang. In 316 B.C., Qin exterminated Ba and Shu, established successively three counties of Ba, Shu and Hanzhong. Zhang Rou stretched Qin's governance influence into the region from Yanyuan of Sichuan to Lijiang of Yunnan now. In the period of Two Jin South and North Dynasties, the Lijiang still belonged to the county of Yunnan, called Shuijiu County. Ajiaade Surrendered, the emperor granted with the wood surname, set up the mansion to cure, teach the officer of Lijiang, and help the soldiers of Ming to unify the northwest region. In Ming Dynasty, it may be said it was the vigorous period of the wood surname department of Lijiang developed. In 1673, Wu Sangui betrayed the Manchu Court again, taking to fight the confusion. Muyi arrived Wu Sangui's exploitation threat, supporting the motherland to unify. The revolution of 1911 overthrew the Qing Dynasty, established China republic. In 1913, they established three counties of Lijiang, Yongbei and Huaping in the region of Lijiang now, the Yongbei County changed name to Yongsheng County in 1934, in 1936 Ninghen County changed in order to establish to cure the bureau (point in the organization that the soil takes charge of the place constitution that the system still exists), were leaded by the province directly, after increased to establish the administration inspector area between the province and county again. On July 1st in 1949, Lijiang County carried out the liberation earlier in the province of Yunnan. Later, three counties of Yongsheng, Ninghen and Hauping also acquired the liberation one after another.