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Lijiang Overview

Lijiang locates at the boundary region where Qingzang Plateau and Yungui Plateau hand over, there are much more mountains inshore Lijiang, there are main the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain. There are two flood departments of the Jinsha River and the Lanchang River. Lijiang gets because of the beautiful Jinsha River, it locates in the northwest department of Yunnan Province, at the middle of Jinsha River; it is placed in at the right moment the district where Qingzang Plateau and Yungui Plateau link up, connects with Lanping Country in Nujiangzhou in west and Weixi, Zhongdian of Diqingzhou in north, connects with Muli, Yanyuan, Yanbian of Sichuan Province in the northeast, Jianchuan, Heqing, Binchuan and Dayao Country of Dali in the south. It is governing the Gucheng Area, Huaping County, Yongsheng County, Yulongnaxi Clan Autonomy County, Yi Clan Autonomy County of Ninghen. Lijiang is at the Hengduan Mountain Range, the mountain body is high to differ to hang extremely, the stereoscopic weather is outstanding, the weather perpendicular difference and the plant perpendicularities distribute obviously. The four seasons' change from the south subtropics to the plateau mountainous weather is not greatly, the stem damp season is clear. The average temperature of year is 12.6 °C -19.9 °C, the average rain of year is 910 millimeters - 1040 millimeters. Because Lijiang has the stereoscopic weather of cold, warm and heat, the categories of plants and animals are numerous. According to the covariance, Lijiang has 3000 varieties of seed plants, 400 kinds of wood. It is still abound in more than 600 kinds of medicine plants, such as shell mother, musk and the insect grass...etc., so it is called the country of the medicine material. The azalea species of Lijiang are up to 57 kinds, animals have 56 kinds, birds are 290 kinds. Among them, the rare animals contain Shen gold silk monkey, Chinese panda, Hongfu tragopan, black tail Changwei tragopan, Cangma Chicken, mountain donkey etc.