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Welcome to Lijiang!
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Lijiang Shopping

The ancient city of Lijiang is the northwest of the main merchandise commercial center and the handicraft article places; therefore, the special product of the southwest everyplace all can buy. At the ancient city center contain the near a cake of 6 square business centers of ground, on all sides all is a tidy store, be so called" everywhere street", have most the traditional shopping to gather the city. The Lijiang is inshore to have more than 20 national minorities, especially the west clan, the here all has the heavy race cultural breathing everywhere, numerous races tour handicraft product became the river the tour shopping of heavy medium of heavy, there are race textile product, wood carving, china, mural...etc., among them, the textile product of the west clan is most famous, there are every kind of clothes and decorations, have the strong race breathing, and the most of all embroider to have or print the pictograph of have the east.
There are not a few small stores that sell the handicraft article in an alley son of the ancient city, if the parties skill house, brothers art space, gather the skill art gallery, cloth agriculture bell, the east workshop etc. are all small store of race handicraft articles that do not have the tastes. In fine, shopping in Lijiang, ten thousand can't be anxious, want to walk much, see much and ask much, thus then can the arrive more good things.

The special product in Lijiang

>>Insect Grass
It is one of the famous product of snow area plateau, again a winter-worm, summer-herb, it is nourishing and treatment effect at ginseng, piles antler on. The year of the insect grass with be called" winter-worm, summer-herb", it become because of snow area plateau midsummer ice to eliminate snow to turn it, the bat produces the insect egg in the grass flower and grass leaf, after nature hatch from eggs become the small insect to drill into the private, depend to draw the nourishment of take the plant root-stock to grow up, at this time, the midsummer season start the active insect grass and sneaks in the insect body live on to breed, hair hypha, from the summer solstice winter, encroach upon underground of young insect but die slowly, become" the insect of winter". The next year summer, the insect grass germ draws out the son in the insect body, the geography becomes the small grass of purple red of a 4-10 of stub, its top contain the form bag hull, this present" the grass of summer" then, the grass bag hull my wife bag spore maturity of summer after, project from the bag bore, float to swim, wait on the machine and drill to go into the another insect body to breed with the breeze, circulate next" winter-worm, summer-herb".

It adopts the thin wool of the superior quality in the region, the plait is thin to knit but become, adopting the yellow white wool dead color mostly, the pattern draws for the black wool, with the west clan ancient east calligraphy and full of the good luck pattern of the fine implied meaning constitutes various styles. In addition to hanging, still have the carpet, thick woolens and flannel, the space flower woolen blanket, high class to defend the insect all-wool drive high-quality product of etc. Exquisite enduring, have the race special features of the place, be subjected to the Chinese and Foreign businessman favor deeply.

>>Yao Wine
It is the traditional real estate an excellent wine; belong to a nourishment wine of rice wine. The wine liquid present red brown, have the amber luster deeply, the entrance is sweet, the aroma, eight flavors is fragrant. Although belong to the rum rice wine, although the nourishment and the sugar degrees are high, again neither a rice wine of sort glues the dense feeling, being the wine liquid to touch the lips, sugar, wine, various go together with the flavor just right, sweet but don't get fed up with, soft but not strong, meal, regardless lady man, the capacity for liquor superiority, can adjust a many, open the stomach to take a meal. River the wine is the guest house that the province of Yunnan concerns foreign affairs the hotel once up the cabinet brand wine.

>>The wax dye in Dongba
It is the craft foundation that the expensive state seedling clan wax dye and manages the white clan wax to dye greatly that the east wax dye up, write an article to turn the content with the west clan east calligraphy and painting work to print to dye the handicraft product lately. It takes cotton, silk, the gold velour...etc. as to carry the body, drawing the east calligraphy with a kind of wax of specially made knife wax in the cloth, make use of the plant dyestuff to influence gradually, then the boiling water boil to become namely to the wax. In the manufacture, the craft teachers produce the ice to especially send a telegram after make use of the wax refrigeration, controlling the good ice thick thin, head for, make its just right earth's surface the thing is like now, adopting the color sealing wax of the cent at the same time, abundant color layer etc. means, the increment art performance result. These waxes dye the ware, the pattern is much more abundant to change, cultured and ancient of color, the life breathing is heavy, the cultural content sinks deeply, as a result be subjected to the domestic and international visitor, especially the cultural art field personage's fancy, the products are sold to Japan, America, France etc.

>>Snow Tea
And then a tea, too white tea, white chrysanthemum petal of likeness, pure such as snow, snow is total, grow in snow area high mountain of the elevation more than 4000 meter of moss plant take, fasten natural and wild, can't the artificial cultivation. River snow tea is cool, the flavor is sweet, enriching the beverage with snow tea sour, scale sour, the sheep horn dress sour, sugar, sweet dew, amino acids, various vitamins and little chemical element, was belong to by the medicine check safe and not poisonous side effect. Have to promote the body fluid to quench thirst, the pure heat counteract poison, the even liver declines the fire and reinforce body fluid the smooth lung declines to press etc. the medicine uses the value, can the boiled water pour, a tea drink, larynx the painful hour chew snow tea slowly, its flavor is become by the bitterness short and sweet, enjoy in retrospect endless, smell the effect very quickly.

>>Black Wood Spring Green Tea
It is each tea that the clan tea factory in ping County of always produces. It adapts to plant to grow the refined noodles of tea to become in the big leaf of the black wood river front within cloud and mist of the high mountain. The black wood river front geography is higher, warm wetness of weather, hour of fog sooner or later and all over the place, all day full mountain cloud of overcast and rainy pluses to again enrich the rich soil of imply the machine quality, be suitable for the tea tree growth specially, and can raise the tea in various content of valid composition, as a result its quality become best.

It is the west somebody else's fruit tree of the pleased kind. It belongs to the green bush or small tall trees of fragrant science, its branch and trunk stabs, leaf the big likeness leaf, bloom in spring, present the white, the fruit is an oval, big of a has or so two kilograms. The mature fruit can does not fall through frost, in last few years of trees of long, the winter stanza fruit of autumn becomes Huang gradually annually, beginning a new year the hour and starting return green, at tree up living long time more long, its flesh is more delicate and sweet.

>>Seven star shoulder bag
It is be turn into by the women's traditional dress of the west clan of since then of the tour handicraft product, seven star shoulder bag sizes are different, each difference of style, but basic shapes all come from the women's" seven star sheepskin shawls" of the west. The west women's waist fastens the white plait to round the waist, carrying on the back to cover with the shawl. An attention would be in the dress after death cover with of carry on the back the shawl. Shawl through tailor to process hereafter, top the seven circular jewels that stitch with the colorful silk thread, namely" seven stars"." Seven stars" representative stars, old" seven stars" of hour above still want that is two big of, the representative's sun and moon. This kind of shawl is called the "make a starlight journey", is the women's hard-working capable symbol of the west clan. At the same time because of the shawl likeness frog form, two dishes likeness frog eye, seven star shawls are the west of again first adoring outcome of people's frog. Seven star shoulder bags not only take the form in the west dress, but also embroider the east pictograph up, since is the race handicraft product, again is the shoulder bag of the beauty, tour stay make memorial or present the friends and relatives all very meaningful.

>>The copper lock of Lijiang
It is a traditional practical handicraft product of the west clan, with the manufacture is excellent, the style is diverse, the pattern beauty, quality is hard, the function is good for characteristics, and be widespread fancy by the people. The copper lock is the west the people create to make of elegant product, its shape and open, all have in the way do not in any other lock. The ability work still locks up to carve a phantasmagoria to drill to spend the pattern. Have the lifelike animals and flowers; go to a style of calligraphy of the flowing water sort. The copper is an art object that has the special race style while lock, appreciating again and again, calling person be subjected to cant not bear to release.

>>The skin tobacco pouch
Pack the small bag that smoke use for the west man at first, or the department is on the pipe, or the department is between each waist and makes the jewel. Till now, ascended the old man of the age to still use it in some villages. The skin tobacco pouch shape is cleverly made and interesting and novel, using the best sheepskin to stitch but become with meticulous care. The bag wears with the leather belt, the nature seals after tense. The bag face up draw to decorate the pattern and the east writings, the bag carries to still hang some small jewels. Because doing the work choiceness, the beauty is special; the skin tobacco pouch the nature also became the people practical handicraft product present mutually. Nearer year, the skin tobacco pouch not only becomes the tour trophy of the male visitor, not a few ladies but also fights to be first to purchase, they have of hang it to be the jewel in the body, have simply and then lift in hand in act as the purse, namely convenient practical, do not have a kind of sentimental appeal again.

>>The clerk's work of Dongba
The west east writing because of having the characteristics of the resemble the shape; the process nature that it write had a kind of art then. Ancient city inside with outside can the east of the breeze clerk the method work, have plenty of to write with the traditional bamboo pen, the wood pen, also have plenty of to write with the Chinese brush-pen be. Its contents expressed the mostly well is bad, the imprecation happiness, the wish topic of the good luck. Also have then the kind copied painting the original east at first through book, the part reappeared the contents of the east Confucian classics. If can get the work that writes in a life time old east handwriting, that have to collect very much worth.

>>Gastrodiae Rhizoma of Lijiang
Mainly produce from" the country of the medicine village" of the gold sand river's side, its product is wild much, the recent years has a little amount artificial cultivation only. Gastrodiae Rhizoma again a red arrows, settle the breeze grass, the water potato...etc., belong to many years to living the herbs for the section Gastrodiae Rhizoma, go into the drugs, cure the wine and eat to repair with the dry tuber, is an our country valuable Chinese herbal medicine material within medical dictionary, its product take wild Gastrodiae Rhizoma as best; Hot of its sex is not poisonous, as early as more than 2,000 year ago already medicine.

>>The china of Yongsheng
As early as 1869 produces for the ability batch quantity. The republic is period, starting usher in the river the west view virtuous town system pottery craft, make win always the china contain ancient special features of clear of radiant and clear, painting of the porcelain quality. Now the product not only is sold very well the outside inside the province, but also sells the southeast to come to all countries far. The china to use the high soil of to burn to make but become for the raw material. High soil is after various crystallize rock break of outcome, produce in always win the county city southeast 20 kilometers of pass shine on once the mountain take, keeping to measure 5,000,000 tons above, the big part is open-air to mine, the soil quality is pure and delicate, the fire-proof is strong, is first-class to build the porcelain to anticipate. The concrete method for making exhibition difference because of the species dissimilarity, all want generally has been got the materials ready, made and painted to fill the color and bake to burn four stages of etc. The adornment method contain colorful green flower, powder, enamel next multicolored, spray the varieties, such as flower, stamp-tax, low relief and the color enamel etc. Have already become the mechanization of the kit to produce now, the species is close to 100, the yield of year 3000 have another ten thousand. In addition to cutlery, tea vessel, wine in addition to have; still have the art to display a happy woman, boudoir person, Tang's woman, Ashima, woman and various animal etc. of porcelain vase, desk lamp, west. In addition, still have the empty vase, container for pens; stack for holding pens etc. the treasure of the text building.

>>The wood system handicraft products in Lijiang
Mainly have the wood bowl, cup, dish, smoke to have, tea vessel, bracelet, go box, the oil an etc. variety. Press the wood material to have the red bean, mountain, wild cherry peach, duck's feet wood, the bean curd etc. separately; Press the paint humidity to have the soil paint, pure paint two kinds of, the soil paint color is fresh and gorgeous and stylish and cultured, the natural ancient, beauty of pure paint is generous; Press craft to have the two kinds of paint wood bowl, the silvery wood bowl (box) for cent. In the river's wood of system handicraft product, products to stir the person with the pure paint of the mountain wood creation fancy, the external appearance veins is clear, the material, fall off not to break, hit not lousy, is a child ideal cutlery of the meal. Especially the upscale go box within the river's wood of system handicraft products, is the thing of the chess masters affection.