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Travel guide of Lijiang

>>Gucheng of Lijiang
It locates in the Lijiang County which is in the northwest of Chinese province of Yunnan, the elevation is 2400 meters, the area is 3.8 square kilometers. The Gucheng started to set up in the beginning of Yuan, Hubilie advertised for Dali in Yunnan, using the bag cross the Jinsha River to the Lijiang, took to station the army camp in the region of Gucheng, the streets and lanes in the region of the big stone bridge's northern side call Aying in Naxi language, Aying point Mongolia troops. Chang is a village. The Gucheng had the scale for the beginning in south Sung, already having the history of 900 years. From the Ming Dynasty, the Gucheng called Dayanxiang, because of residing in the center of Lijiang's dam, the on all sides green mountain surround, a green water of the one green jade return, big of a piece of jasper of likeness, hence get. Gucheng was managed the construction by the wood surname first in the past. Make track for the building history of Lijiang's people, from the cave of the ancient times reside, the tree nest reside, the well stem type of the wood building developed the ancient city people of" three workshops on shining on the wall"," four match five courtyards and walk's attic" to reside the mode. The flat surface characteristics that ancient city people reside take yard as the center, the introverted courtyard combine; son of (outside gallery) is the west the people reside of importance constitute the part. In 1254 river the wood surname first the followed a dollar a life time suddenly and necessarily strong, established three to take care of people's officer in the ancient city, it set up to make to belong to the rare chapter of tea took care of people's officer,1276, change for the river road armed forces and people manager mansion,1382 A.D., an Anne's state knew that the state have to return the agreeable Ming Dynasty, establishing the river the armed forces and people mansion, the got to be grant by emperor the surname wood and seal for hereditary know the mansion. Ancient city, river the armed forces and people mansion (a hospital of wood), its construction have an unique style, the vehemence, also is the symbol of the wood surname household politics, economy, power at that time. From 1253, the suddenly and necessarily strong garrison forces the river brought in the foreign culture, expecting to be subjected to behind Central plains the cultural influence, if hide to spread to teach, religion of Taoism, till the beginning of 20 centuries, and then under the influence of the Christianity culture, plus the ancient east of the west race to teach, the east through, east pictograph, the east painting and is be called a dollar person the west hole of the sound through ancient happy etc. Any this kind, all ability and accept also, coexist the development. These cultural influences even increased the content of the ancient city.
The beauty of ancient city still lies in it the nature of the geography environment of the place with harmoniously, the ancient northwest of the city is 30 kilometers of are 5596 meters of elevations, didn't yet be passed four a life time glacier historic relics by the jade dragon snow mountain that mankind conquer up to now. The jade spring divides the west, medium, east three big main current, flow into the ancient city distinction some, make net of water with five flowers the stone spread of the road net is mutually intertexture. Lead many Chinese and Foreign buildings learn the house to praise highly, the vegetable contain plateau Gu Su, eastern Wearnes of beautiful call. Always, numerous visitors with outside the world drive ancient city, snow mountain attraction, flock in endless waves, and linger on, forgetting to return in ancient nature, tranquil and enjoyable and quite ancient city.

>> Jade Dragon Snow mountain
Locate 15 kilometers from the north of Gucheng, depend the equator Northern Hemisphere the most south the modern ocean glacier that carry, for the Chinese national class travel scenery famous spot area, province of Yunnan of province class tour spend a holiday the natural sanctuary of area and province classes.5596 meters of the jade dragon snow mountain main peak fan elevation, keep put blue sky, south north to the jade dragon that arrange 13 peaks as if the Ultramar's that a get empty, it not only the vehemence pound, and beautiful and outstanding, the shape is lovely, returning along with the season and cloudy or sunny alternation, view also constantly changing, the hour but cloud steams fog to flow out, the jade dragon is suddenly the suddenly now, the hour but bluish green day, such as water, ten thousand miles, has no cloud, the group of mountain peaks elephant jade liquid scrub, radiant light of silver, the eyes of sway the eye; Sometimes a cloud takes the girdle, the top snow shiningly bright, bluish green of the underneath. The east wants, the apex dyes the first sun rays in the morning early, the colorful morning glow reflects up snow, white snow presents the red form and light to reflect to gleam; In the evening remaining dyes snow to put on the elephant throws on the red yarn, cloud takes the rosy sunset strange and colorful, fly to return the in a valley, on playing it just, change the everlasting. The jade dragon snow mountain calls with the insurance, show, strange, it inside mainly have" cloud ping, white river of water, sweet sea son, the ice tower beauty spot, is a gathers the sightseeing, mountain climbing, exploration, the section test, spends a holiday, the outing has the multi-function tour divine spot for the integral whole.

>>Black and White Water River
Leave the sweet sea son continue the north walk, going before about 5 kilometers of or so, turned a curved way, can see have below the hills then a from snow mountain run off of river water, flow to go to toward east through the north, this is the white river of water, through the white water river bridge, you can stop over here, follow the bridge side the right side of road snow the line, can keep arrive white river bank of water. The white river of water is a cold and crystal-clear and clear and clean impression for you first. The river water fastens after snow mountain accumulated snow melt was filter by rock strata again, gush in the spring but end remit this river. Even is a summer, your barefooted wades the river, that is nipping and feel total and will let you bear firmly in mind the quality of this snow mountain spring. The white water river fluid matter, did not be subjected to any pollution, the egg stone that the river water flush, pure and clear in meaning, is a bottom because of the white stone, water current it up, water of color is more clear and clean, white river of water also therefore get. The white river of water is a beautiful magic for the second of impression. Follow the river water waterfalls layer, the neighboring district cross-straits plants the quilt bushiness, north of the snow in the distant place. The white water river from a run off of snow mountain, you can walk or ride the horse to go upstream, appreciating the cross-straits landscape, the beginning that explores snow mountain to become under the river water starts the circumstance, and can the personally have a taste the pure water of this natural, taking up this clear felling. The white river of water is mean to always lead from the bridge eastwards, at not distant place and snow mountain flow through of another river water hands over to remit. This river water is also snow mountain accumulated snow to melt spring, end remit the river water of, the fluid matter is clear and clean, because of the black layer of egg stone of the underwater many, water current it up, water of color reflect mutually black, past a black river of water. The white river of water hands over with black river of water to remit, becoming the black and white water river then.

The gold sand river from stone drum next line, the river valley compared the breadth, the river flow even slow, go to be apart from next Chiaotou of the stone drum more than 30 kilometers with medium the much more large river that come remits to match, lead insurance pool, break the precipice more, water from get empty to fall to, crazy book, the jade scraps empty, the sand walk the thunder, flap the valley, strange insurance ten thousand forms, make the person soul-stirring. The river flows the most narrow place, only about more than 30 meters, it is rumored fierce tiger next mountain, on the reef in the river slightly one feed feet, then is empty to cross, so call that the tiger jumps the. The tiger jumps the, always with" insurance" but be known for the world. The here is the mountain first insurance. The canyon cross-straits, the high mountain is lofty. The east contain the jade dragon mountain, covering with cloud to wear snow whole year round, the silver puts the day, the main elevation is up to 5596 meters, the halfway up a hill strange stone, the ancient rattan is intertwining, the foot of a hill wall sign, keeping put river's bottom, the tiger roar ape, the wolf leopard appear and disappear; The west contain the snow mountain, the halfway up a hill has the mesa, the foot of a hill is the overhanging cliff. The west coast mountain peak, a river faces more than 3000 meters. Local Yangtze gorges, a life time calls the grand view, its river face is high with apex bad, only 1500 meters; The hellish canyon in the United States, of world, biggest and high bad, also only 2400 meters, its deep, can wish to see! The tiger jumps the not only deep but also narrow, many place, a desire match, if a half open; The body goes into in the valley, seeing 1 of day sew, seeing the river's a dragon; The top of head cliff, the feet face the torrent current, it make person shake with fright. It is a marine insurance the next in order, break the layer to fall to sink because of the mountain rock, result in numerous stone beams fall the hole, the cross-straits slope that add, the rock wall sign, the mountain stone morals and custom, the megalith often collapses the bottom of the valley, becoming the river to win the reef to stand up like a forest, the dog tooth interleave, the insurance pool spread densely, the waterfall constellate. From top the tiger jumps the to go to the, fall to differ to amount to 210 meters, average 14 meters per kilometer, the river flow especially nasty, not a few paragraph, each one amounts to 6-8 meters. As a result river the water situation, volatile, or gallop to scream aloud, the disorderly water of stone arouse, snow wave turns over to fly, or the eddy book, fog spirit fine drizzle. Constitute the rare landscape spectacular sight of in this world. The tiger jumps the world insurance of the canyon. Although this gives sail to bring the inconvenience, this insurance in contain a kind of beautiful, a kind of shoot the public soul strong beautiful, drew on the domestic and international visitor to this to seek beautiful spot the exploration. If have into the greatly from the river, next terrace, follow the path to round to the foot of a hill, reach the tiger jump. The cross-straits steep cliff wall sign, in 30 come the river of the rice breadth face, still standing erect the tiger of the 45 meter high to jump the stone. River water is from the both sides but bottom, as if fierce tiger next mountain, lightning fast, the water flower enter shoot, the valley bombs, becoming the grand view.

>>The first gulf in Yangtze River
Ten thousand precinct chief, rivers from green hide the plateau to go down south, go to the stone drum of Yunnan drive sea Luo the mountain precipice impede, changing direction the northeast suddenly, this is ten thousand precinct chief, rivers of the world famous the first gulf, be apart from the ancient city of river about 53 kilometers. In Yangtze River mountain ridge beside the first gulf up, have a small town to be named the stone drum town, get because there is a drum of jade carvings with white form stone tablet on the town.15 meters of the stone tablet diameter, thick 0.7 meters, Ming Dynasty of department year a river the wood surname soil department white strengthens memorial stone tablet of that extend influence's win. It is one of the earliest stone tablets of age that river discover currently. The town left side of the stone drum town contain arched bridge of iron, the iron chain that bridge grow with 17 meters makes the beam, spreading the wooden board up, the both sides makes the column pole with the iron chain, two of bridge all sets up the gate tower. The stone drum town in times gone by is hide the area and Chinese the region trade of key figure, hide the people to bring the here the skin and medium herb medicine to sell, and then buy to return to daily necessities, such as tea, salt and cloth...etc. Rush through to gather every 3 days now. Yangtze River the first gulf the river face spacious, the water current is even slow, on the history various bright May, the suddenly and necessarily strong ties the river, is all to choose this place as ferry station. The Red Army of that year goes up north the anti- for day, go on a long journey to the stone drum, also from here river. The west language calls here as" Ciba", meaning the flower of the tiger roar or the tiger clan. Yangtze River the first gulf mountain water round, landscape, such as painting. The river of the here flow spacious and even slow, river the side wood if take, on all sides have layer upon layer of peaks and knolls cloud mountain range to continue long the wreath to embrace, the built-up terraced fields dish rounds the slope, giving up with the tile of the even fertile valley, small village to connect with each other, possessing the good reputation of" small Chiang-Nan".
Yangtze River the first gulf not only is the river's important scenery famous spot area, but also is a throat important precincts that enters the old gentleman mountain view District to flow the view area with three rivers also.
The stone drum goes to the tower city about 100 kilometers highways, the whole line depends on in Sand River's west coast of gold tightly. Go into this line, first is walk into such as the painting of bay landscape, but follow the historic monument, ancient that river's cross-straits spread all over, and then show you a gallery with long history culture, a kind of thick accumulate the feeling and will pierce through whole swim the line, you is walking to go into a more ancient west legend. Stone drum, huge and the tower city, is three tours ground of this on-line beauty spot concentration.

>>Lugu Lake
Locate between the Yongning in Ninghen County of Lijiang City and Zuosuo in Yanyuan Country of Sichun, be apart 76 kilometers from Ninghen County. The local shuttle the person is called to thank the rice, meaning the female sea, because of the shape of the lake, such as the song neck bottle gourd, past lake. The lake is from break the layer to fall but formative plateau lake, the surface elevation is 5685 meters, is a tallest lake of elevation of Yunnan, the level of the lake is all the depth more than 40 meters, the most deep place amount to 73.2 meters, only next to fondle the fairy lake, occupy whole province the second. The whole lake form, such as horse's hoofs, the south north grows but the thing is narrow. Here the place is strange, the transportation is inconvenient, the natural environment break smaller, fluid matter cleanness. The east of the lake, have a mountain beam but descend, descend to put the center of lake, a dragon lies to draw to drink the sweet spring in the lake, the formation peninsula of previous beauty in the lake, it almost face vast lake penny is two, the peninsula point and opposite shores be apart from only 2 kilometers mutually, becoming the lake to face the most narrow place.
Inside the lake, there are 5 islands, 3 of which belong to Yunnan, 2 of which belong to Sichuan. They are like an only green ship, floating to float to face in the lake, general high surface 15-30 meters, the size is each not same. The minimum mile space island, locate the lion below the hills, depend north shore of the lake. In the island northern side descends the land flat, live 8 shuttle person, whole is the wood building, the wood building follows the island but builds, the front door faces the water of the lake, and the landscape is charming. The soil takes charge of a center of lake of island, 36 meters of a surface of top, island the week is long about 700 meters, narrow and south north breadth of thing, is a long form. The soil take charge of island have to, is because it pass by just for always rather the soil department kills time to play it with, now island up all buildings are all gone, leaving the brick to break the tile only. Matchless island of mile, again a big fortress island, be apart from the island 3 kilometers of the soil department, always be placed in on-line. Island high 43.4 meters, long 450 meters, 200 meters of breadth. The southwest of matchless island of mile is slow, the rattan tree spread densely; The northeast direction slope becomes the set, descend go to the seaside, there is small sandy beach. The water of the lake is beautiful, the shore mountain of the lake also shows, a mountain in take the space mountain (lion in mountain) as the people like. This mountain is impressive-looking and high big, the form, such as the male lion, squats down in the by the lake quiet interest, the lion head faces the lake, slant horizontal feet, if observe with quiet attention, still point export the ear nose eye, make person see more to feel lifelike more. The people often shout it is Sierra Leone.

>>Black Dragon Pond
The jade spring park locates the north elephant foot of a hill of city next, be so called the black dragon pond. The spring is pure, the jade dragon snow and the elephant mountain reflection on water in the interval, the landscape is very charming. The surroundings hangs the, grass, such as seat, the ancient wood spring onion, the building pavilions and terraces reflects in the green tree red flower, drive for a piece of and beautiful jade of the northwest plateau. The jade spring park is divided into 4 view Districts of jade river, dragon pond, pure river, forest etc. Mainly have the stone memorial arch, the jade spring to win, blue sea jade dragon, jade water dragon pond, the elephant mountain to work properly the spring, song bridge fish, peony park, plum park and see snow station etc. more than 10 beauty spot. The thou construct the bluish green building, five buildings of light and get the month building, dragon absolute being, drama hall, one text station etc. The jade spring park inside constellated the ancient west clan building cluster, still have numerous Manchu dynasty buildings." Get the building of month" that is divided into three floor faces the water on all sides, the beam painting.

>>Wufeng Buildings
The original address locates the County's 11 kilometers of city northwest mountain blessing country temple inside, moved to the black dragon pond side of the jade spring park in 1979. The buildings have another wood of the Cape structure building for three heavy, from see all be like the Phoenix that 5 exhibitions wings desire fly on all sides, past. The flat surfaces presents the square, buildings high 20 meters, enter deep 3, faces 18.9 meters, enters deep 17.8 meters. The building shapes are special, conceive outline skillful, on the clear and dark partition door peony, plum flower, pomegranate etc. Color the tone gorgeous, express the west building style that a river possess singly, construct for an importance.

The absolute being dragon three fold the water: It is one big view of the Yushuizai. If big spring is agreeable slope but bottom, fold three fold greatly. The people call that the first folds for" a dragon ", the second folds for" the drama dragon ", the third folds for" send the dragon ".The absolute being dragon three fold the good reputation of the water to have to here. In fact, the absolute being dragon three fold the water is a consumedly small and high and low and different waterfalls of a major cluster. The pure of the spring, the sanctity of the absolute being spring more now. The water voice that waterfalls spread, even make the east holy land leisurely and quite. Bunchy waterfalls, imitate the dragon woman at the saint Shui-li take a bath, the silk kerchief that fall in carelessly let surprised of person is not already. Pond in the water grass plump, the fishes visit the in the merriment and happiness that the absolute being spring give. White set of water in western region again one east holy land-, also call with the pure spring, however is to flow to drip white in the milk of the spring body mesa is just. In fact, the China civilization and other ancient civilizations all rise in the river the river area, knot with the water next not the good luck that solve. The water is not only a water of life, but also a civilization of water. The water same had the important position in the west person's life; they always look forward to the mountain clear water show, quite and leisurely home. It is the east holy land that the fiesta worships to work properly that see the place that has the absolute being spring saint water make. The west person to the absolute being dragon three fold the adoration of the water, melt to go into the life, they the oneself lives to fix with the water three fold the absolute being spring of appearance, is for the sake of reasonable use the water; They put the last to" three fold the water", being divided into cutlery with the high and low plate, bowl, chafing dish three fold;" Three fold the water" set up the west person of courtyard.

Shen Spring: Agreeable waterfalls but up, arrive at the absolute being spring, see a water only sew the mile to spray to flow out from the stone but, pure deeply bright and flexible go to the pole. The absolute being spring is snow that the jade dragon snow mountain take over in fact to melt the water, through 2400 meters of after rock permeate the spring flow out but, according to analyze it is a very and rare mineral spring. The jade water is the east holy land, the ancient city trace to origins. The spring that comes from the jade water became the river the aorta of the ancient city, make it exhausted poetic charm now, the source of vitality is full of life. The west person passion nature, adoration nature, thanksgiving great universe, the absolute being spring then become they worship the place of the natural spirit. The New Year's Day start, the west the person is total to want the here toward do obeisance, establish the east fiesta office rites, the natural absolute being of imprecation gives their breeze to adjust rain agreeable, the year view that produce good.

Fiesta Wind Field: The absolute being spring west faces the fiesta wind field of has the west clansmen. The fiesta here wind field and a similar thus are old, similar have the same destiny. In the west person's eyes, the breeze is the symbol of the great universe might of god, it has no the place not at, have no not have, the power of the breeze is endless. The people consign the wishes that respects adore and protect the nature to the great universe in the fiesta breeze activity. The people still borrowed of power of the breeze to work properly.