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Welcome to Lijiang!
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Lijiang Transportation

External traffic

The airport of Lijiang is apart 28 kilometers from the south of the downtown, it can rise to decline the various medium or small scaled airplanes including the Boeing 737, has already break through flight paths now, which go to Kunming, Banna, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guiyang etc., the airport provides not normally flight paths at the same time, it need to apply for in advance; Moreover, there are service to Lijiang from Kunming everyday.

There are many automobiles passenger transportation stations: Passenger transportation service center bus station of Lijiang, Guluwan passenger transportation station of Lijiang, High Quick passenger transportation of Lijiang, tour passenger transportation station of Lijiang. There is 214 National Freeway to go through Lijiang from south to north, you can lead Zhongdin to arrive in Tibet in the north, and going toward south can go through Dali to go to the whole country everyplace. Now the transportation condition of Lijiang also has the improvement, but because of the geography aspect, there are all the common climbing mountain asphalt road noodles generally. Taking automobiles to Lijiang, the route that often walk is from Kunming to Lijiang, among them, you can choose the superhighway from Kunming to Dali, also choose to go the 320 National Freeway, going 214 National Freeway from Dali to Lijiang.

Internal transportation

The buses in the downtown of Lijiang sell the tickets for no man mostly, the ticket price is 0.8 Yuan; In addition, there is still a kind of miniature car or small trucks in the downtown, it is one Yuan, it is convenience like to take the taxi.

The common taxies' start price of the downtown is 6 Yuan / 3 kilometers, then it is 1.6 Yuan/ kilometer; But the Sangtana's start price is 7 6 Yuan / 3 kilometers, then it is 1.8 Yuan/ kilometer, it is general only to browse inside the county, it is enough to take 6 Yuan once.

Visiting in the downtown, you also choose to rent the bicycle, there is the renting bicycle service in Lijiang City, but it is only for bicycles, renting fee is 15 Yuan / day.